Olympia Sports Bar and Billiards, located at 23-44 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY,  has been in business since 1992. We are in the heart of Astoria conveniently located near all public transportation.

     Olympia is a neighborhood landmark. It originated as a Billiards and Cafe, housing 18 professional pool tables and a cafe that served gourmet coffees and desserts. We catered to amateur and professional pool players, hosting monthly tournaments.

     Throughout the years Olympia has gone through various transformations reflecting and meeting the changes in our community.

     We maintain the original concept with numerous billiards and ping-pong tables. 

     Olympia is now a Sports Bar and Lounge with big screen TV's all around for watching every sporting event. We offer Hookah in a variety of flavors, a full bar with specialty drinks and a cozy area for casual dinning.

     Our outdoor garden is ideal for relaxation for intimate and large groups.