Reservation & parties

If you are planning on having a party or just few drinks, Olympia is the perfect spot. We have space for parties up to 30 people and a dedicated staff by your side. A large bar with an extensive drink selection and creative specialty cocktails await you. 

We Love Birthdays!

Are you looking for a new, fun place to host your next birthday party in Astoria, Queens? Don't want to clean your house after your friends leave? Let Olympia cater to all of your birthday party needs!

Ditch the stuffy clubs. Olympia has the right mixture of elements to help your birthday party go off without a hitch. Complete with a full bar, tobacco and nicotine free hookah, comfy chairs, ping pong, foosball, pool and an extremely fun and lively atmosphere, Olympia is a great spot to throw your birthday party. Whether it's a small gathering of people or a party of 30, we will work to accommodate you. Plus we clean up your mess after you leave!

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I reserve a table?

To reserve seating for your next birthday party either fill out our "Contact us" form on our website or dial 718,278.4460. We get a lot of reservations, so make sure you contact us as soon as you figure out the date, time and how many people are in your party. We will also be happy to answer any of your questions.

Do I get free drinks?

Of course you do, if your friends buy them for you! :)

Is there food?

Yes there is. Our menu is designed to satisfy any appetite. Don't bring your own food as it will end up cold in your car. No food or drinks are allowed from outside. Can I bring my own cake? We already have cakes but if you want to bring your own customized cake you can but there is a service charge!

Can I decorate?

You can decorate your reserved area. Just remember that we hate to clean up confetti, so don't bring it , unless you bring a broom too.

Where do I park?

Our lot is right next to the building - there are limited spots so Uber or Lyft! Let's face it, you're going to drink on your birthday and everyone else wants to drink with you, so encourage people not to drive when you invite them.